Arise DEBORAH - Changing the course of a NATION! (2014)

Passion Place & Purpose Empowering Women's Conference - is the region's premier annual women's event attracting well over 300 women from across denominations and cultures. It knows no boundaries, our motto 'Inspiring Women to Influence Change'. PPP brings transformation through collaborative working with anointed Women of influence within and across the body of Christ. Women are inspired and encouraged to enlarge their vision whilst reaching forward to greater dimensions in God, thereby fulfilling their kingdom purpose...

DEBORAH was a divinely appointed woman Prophetess of God, she was also a leader, a strategist and a wise counsellor who even as a wife and mother, judged all of Israel. She was able to position and point the direction for the Nation against the might of the enemy because she heard directly from God and knew exactly which tribes to call on. DEBORAH dared to arise in challenging times and in that she Changed the whole course of a NATION!

God is positioning DEBORAHs today who despite the many obstacles, discouraging rhetoric (that seeks to stop advancement and destiny) can perceive in the Spirit the mind of God and press forward regardless into the things of God. As God is calling forth the prophetic to synchronise and realign the body of Christ with His next move, so women today are courageously strategically aligning and repositioning themselves in the Kingdom.

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Arise DEBORAH - Changing the course of a NATION! (2014)

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