Although Esther had a destiny that laid waiting for her, it was not yet revealed until she had got into position! Mordecai, a type of the Holy Ghost, had to prompt Esther to ensure that she did not miss her opportunity for an encounter with the King. Time and Purpose was on course to meet with Destiny! The signifying of this was by the 'extending of the golden sceptre'.


Do you have a passion that grips your heart, that won't let you go? Do you have a clear sense of purpose for your life? Do you see that you are destined for greatness and have greatness in you? Are you living your dream? More importantly are you tired of living in captivity? The time is NOW for Women of the Kingdom of God to move beyond fear and failure, beyond doubt and despair, and challenge the misconceptions in the body that God cannot use women to advance his Kingdom purpose in the earth - We are Women DESTINED TO REIGN - Take me to the King!!

And we have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this!

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Destined to Reign - Take me to the King (2013)

  • 2 Disk DVD