To continue to shape, influence, inspire, equip and empower as many women, the Esther’s, the Deborah’s, the Hannah’s and the Ruth’s of our time.


PPP’s conference speakers are drawn from among the Kingdom’s finest!  They are anointed, dynamic and accomplished Women of God called to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Together they facilitate the delivery of specifically designed biblically based sessions that equip, define and enhance the role of women working in the Kingdom to know and to fulfil their divine purpose.

PPP is already attracting interest from other organisations across the UK and abroad, from organisations keen to develop impact and empower their women to greater purposes in God. 

PPP will continue to work collaboratively with like-minded women developing programmes to positively cause revival to break out and so impact generations and nations through those who have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

Please feel free to ‘Sow a Seed’ into this PPP ministry to help PPP advance the kingdom work of God in the earth.

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Evangelist Cynthia Morrison

Founder – Passion Place and Purpose (PPP)

The Vision

‘Inspiring Women, Influencing Change’,


The Mission

Empowering women from across denominations, boundaries and cultures to fulfil destiny, impact generations and to reach greater dimensions in God.


About Passion Place & Purpose (PPP)

Passion, Place & Purpose otherwise known as PPP, started in September 2011 and is fast becoming the West Midlands Region’s premier women’s event.

Through its annual empowering women’s conferences PPP attracts well over 300 women from across the UK, across denominations, boundaries and cultures and is continually growing in popularity.

PPP’s annual conferences provide a great forum of opportunities for women to harness their own resourcefulness to reach their full potential. Whilst recognising that through networking and the sharing of experiences with other women they can make better use of their combined resources to actually make a difference. 

PPP was birthed out of prophecy.  I had a deep sincere desire to see women first answer the call on their lives and to rise up despite the negative rhetoric and barriers they faced to become all that God had destined them to be for this time and season.  So passion began to fuel my vision as I saw what God had purposed in me for PPP unfolding progressively each year.  My greatest motivation is to honour God and to serve his people.

PPP is not your average empowering women’s conference. Indeed PPP has a clear mandate from God for breaking through and across those self-imposed denominational boundaries barriers and cultures.  By collaboratively working together with other Kingdom minded women of purpose within and across the body of Christ, PPP is bringing about real transformation in lives, indeed across nations.

Testimonies from women who have previously attended PPP conferences are that over time their own visions or missions had become more refined.  Even the revealing of their callings had become more specific and focussed, giving them a clearer vision of their divine purpose. Some have even dared to dream again – Amen!

The Vision for PPP is clear, as is its Mission and as we move forward we will continue evolving as God unfolds more vision to meet the challenging demands of the next great move of God.